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Creating the ideal schedule: 3 tips for your custody plan

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Family Law |

You and your ex-spouse have been honest about your schedules and found that neither of you can decide on a good custody arrangement for your child. You want to have her stay with you a few days of the week, and your ex-spouse wants that as well. Since she’s in school, it’s a little difficult to do that, though. If she stays with you, you’ll need to drive her to school each morning. If she stays with her dad, then she can take the bus to school.

You don’t want to end up relegated to weekends, but you don’t want to make the schedule complicated, either. What can you do?

Consider visitations in the afternoon or evening

One option for you is to consider having visitation time after your child gets home from school. You might pick her up and take her to dinner once a week on a Wednesday, for example, and then have your two weekend days with her as well.

Add in some virtual visitation time

If your schedules make it difficult to make time to be together through the week, you can add virtual visitation to your day instead. Call your child for an hour a day before bed or use a video chat to help her with homework in the evening. This will keep you in touch, even though you may not be physically present.

Plan for extra time on the holidays

If the best plan really is to allow your child to be with your ex-spouse throughout the week while you see her on weekends, you may want to negotiate for extra time during the holidays or school breaks.

These are some tips to help you with your custody plan. Each case is different, so if you’re still having trouble, your attorney may be able to help.

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