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Legal Counsel To Address Spousal Support Considerations

Divorce is an emotional process for all involved. There are so many factors to address that many families begin to feel overwhelmed with the process. One crucial aspect of divorce that is often contentious among the parties involved is support to a spouse, also known as alimony. At Carr Law Firm P.L.C. Attorneys at Law, our attorneys possess an intimate knowledge of Iowa’s divorce and alimony laws. We are here to help you navigate the entire process and secure an outcome that works for you.

Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience fighting for positive results for our clients. We are well-respected across the state for our work both in and out of the courtroom in trials and negotiations.

Key Factors In Alimony Determination

In determining alimony, a court will conduct a two-part analysis. Firstly, they will examine if there is a requirement for alimony in the case. If so, can the other party realistically pay the support required? Overall, spousal support, like support for a child, is a complex legal issue and frequently causes courts to examine a wide range of factors, including:

  • How long you were married
  • Each person’s assets after the division of property occurs
  • Any existing prenuptial agreements
  • The education, experience and job skills of a spouse seeking support

A court may also decide to factor in additional items such as the overall health and well-being of each party, their age and more.

Categories Of Spousal Support In Iowa

In Iowa, there are three primary categories of spousal support that an individual can seek:

  • Temporary rehabilitation alimony: Pursued in medium-length marriages (five-seven years) and is designed to help one party regain their earning potential
  • Long-term alimony: Occurs most often in long-duration marriages where one individual cannot reasonably support themselves without significant assistance from a spouse
  • Reimbursement: Requested if one party worked to put a spouse through school or professional training such as a doctor or lawyer

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