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Child support characteristics

When parents decide to separate, a divorce can have as much of an effect on their children as it does upon them. To help maintain a stable environment for the children, parents must put a few processes in place.

Child support is one of the main processes. If you are considering or going through a divorce, there are a few key characteristics of child support that you should be aware of. 

Why does money lead to divorce?

Money is often cited as one of the main reasons for divorce, but have you ever wondered why it is so divisive in modern relationships? While every relationship is unique, there are a few common trends you can find when you look at divorces that revolve around money.

One potential problem is that people have different spending habits, which they may never have talked about before marriage. If one person saves their money for the future and the other spends it quickly, it can lead to a lot of heated arguments. In practicality, both people may feel like the other person's opinion is wrong, leading them to want a new relationship that gives them the control to do whatever they desire.

Telling your children that your marriage is ending

You have had some time to wrap your head around the idea that your marriage is ending. You saw it coming. When your spouse finally filed for divorce, it didn't surprise you. If anything, you thought that it wouldn't take as long as it did.

Your kids, however, have been kept in the dark. You did not want to tell them until you were absolutely sure. Now that you are, you have to gear up for a potentially difficult conversation. How should you approach it?

Juvenile justice cases have special considerations

One of the most frightening things that a parent can learn is that their child is facing criminal charges. For minors, these are usually handled in the juvenile justice system. There are some specific differences between the adult criminal justice system and the juvenile justice system. Understanding these can help parents as they venture through this unfamiliar territory.

When a minor is in the juvenile justice system, they don't have the right to a trial before a jury. Instead, the proceedings are handled before a judge. A minor can't have a jury of their peers since that would mean the jury would be comprised of other minors.

Can Facebook hurt my divorce?

Social media is integrated into our lives. We share our favorite moments, connect with family and friends and learn about the world around us. But can social media be the downfall in a divorce proceeding?

The answer depends on how you conduct yourself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you post effectively and avoid major mistakes, social media integrates into your life without implications on your divorce.

Tips for talking to your children about divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence in today's society, and it frequently affects families with children of all ages. There are several effective and age-appropriate ways to address divorce when it comes to talking with children.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when facing a divorce with kids is that clear and open communication is essential. No matter your child's age, there are techniques you can employ to make your best effort to help your children minimize any feelings of fear and guilt they may have surrounding the divorce.

Examining eyewitness accounts in criminal cases

Facing criminal charges can be incredibly stressful and frightening. People in this situation can be worried about fines and going to jail, losing their job and their families. In the midst of all this, it can be very difficult to get an accurate picture of the situation and your legal options.

In this vulnerable position, a person can easily be misled about their case. For example, a police officer or someone else might claim that there are eyewitnesses who place you at the scene of a serious crime. You might therefore assume that your best option is to plead guilty. However, this could be a big mistake.

How constructive possession may affect a drug case

Say a law enforcement pulls a driver over for a traffic infraction, such as speeding. During the traffic stop, the officer develops a reasonable suspicion there may be drugs involved in the situation. An inspection uncovers a baggy of an illegal substance.

Does this mean the driver will end up with a conviction for drug possession? It depends.

What are common requests for child custody modification?

When you divorce and a child custody agreement is put in place, the terms may seem reasonable enough. In fact, once everyone settles into a routine, the agreement may appear to be largely workable. However, changes happen in life that could affect your child custody arrangements. Will the court approve your request for modification?

You believe your child is in danger

What happens to property in an Iowa divorce

Property division can be a major area of contention for divorcing couples. It can help to understand the basic approach the court will take when making decisions. However, each case is different, and unique circumstances can lead to an atypical determination.

Of course, couples may address property division outside of litigation. A prenuptial agreement can determine a plan for specific assets. Couples may also use mediation and other alternative dispute resolution strategies to come to an agreement. In most cases, the court will grant approval, but the law does not require them to do so.

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