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Woman arrested for third drunk driving incident

A woman from Le Mars, Iowa, was arrested in Alton on Sunday, June 23. The arrest happened early in the morning, per reports that came out quickly the following day.

Those reports indicated that other drivers called into the Orange City Police Department. They said that a car was "all over the road" while it was heading down Highway 60, tipping the police off that the driver may be under the influence. The police began looking, found the car and initiated a traffic stop in Alton.

A guide to field sobriety tests in Iowa

Drunk driving has serious consequences. One drunk driving incident resulted in an Ely resident's car going off the road and into a ditch. Fortunately, the family made it out all right, but police continue the search for the hit-and-run suspect. 

Iowa police take drunk driving cases extremely seriously. Thousands of people around the country lose their lives each year to drunk drivers, so the cops are always on the lookout for anyone who could be under the influence of alcohol. If you find yourself pulled over by the cops, then you should expect to undergo field sobriety tests. These are the most common ones used in Iowa that you should expect.

People go to great lengths to hide assets

If you're involved in a contentious divorce, your spouse may attempt to hide assets from you. This is often illegal and definitely morally questionable, but people do it because they want to get as much as they can out of the relationship -- or because they want to keep their spouse from getting something. Either way, it may violate your rights.

How do they do it? That depends. People are very creative, and you'll find that they'll go to great lengths to keep you from getting what you deserve.

Psychologists: Divorce isn't the end

When your spouse asked for a divorce, did it feel like the end of the world? You never wanted to see your marriage come to an end, but now you know that you can't stop it. If that's what your spouse wants, that's what they can get.

Leading psychologists, however, say that this perspective is problematic and inaccurate. They warn that you should never think of divorce as the end of the world or of your life.

'Keeping score' could mean your marriage is heading for divorce

Do you ever feel like your spouse is obsessed with "keeping score" in your relationship?

For instance, maybe they said something hurtful to you, and you told them how it made you feel. You asked why they would do it. Suddenly, they had a whole list of things you had said to them over the past 10 years of your relationship.

Important factors for an Iowa custody modification

Children need their parents, and many would say the opposite is true as well. However, splitting time between parents after divorce means that every moment counts.

As children grow, their needs change and may cause a need for adjustments in a set plan. Particularly regarding custody modifications in Iowa, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Report: 700 people arrested for impaired driving in two days

News reports are just coming out about a campaign that the police ran in Iowa and neighboring states on April 19 and April 20. They claim that around 737 people got arrested while driving under the influence in just those two days.

The campaign was called "Drive high? Get a DUI" and it focused on searching out drivers who had used marijuana before getting behind the wheel. After all, you can face charges for any type of impairment, not just alcohol.

Study: Popular teens run into legal problems

It's never fair to stereotype any group of people, including teenagers. Regardless of their social standing at this impressionable age, they all make their own choices and have a variety of options for the rest of their lives.

That said, studies have found that being popular and well-liked may actually pose a risk. It can lead to behavioral problems and even legal problems later on.

Teen crime and brain development

Teenagers commit crimes for many reasons: Outside influences, social pressures, economic standing and much more. However, parents often feel stunned when learning that a child got arrested. They cannot believe the child would make that decision.

The thing to remember is that brain development does not really end until someone is in their 20s. As mature as a teen may seem to their parents, modern research has allowed us to look closely at developmental stages of the brain, and these can help to explain thoughts and behaviors at this age. For instance, teens with lower levels of brain development tend not to think about consequences, they make more emotional decisions, they take more risks and they are generally more impulsive.

Courts generally don't want parents to sign away their rights

In some cases, parents have the ability to terminate their parental rights. This is a huge step to take, and it's never something that should be done without careful thought and consideration. It means that the parent is legally cut off from the child and has no more ability to make decisions on their behalf. From a legal standpoint, the two are no longer related.

This is not something that courts want to do. Most of the time, they err on the side of leaving parental rights in place. That's why termination of rights is a request and not a legal action. The court can deny it. They consider things like the best interests of the child, the child's wishes, ability to support the child and safety issues.

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