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Defense Against Domestic Assault Accusations

Domestic violence is a serious crime that carries stiff penalties in the state of Iowa. Those accused of domestic violence can experience consequences that begin immediately upon arrest. If accused of committing a domestic violence act, it is wise to seek professional legal counsel to protect yourself, your livelihood and your future. At Carr Law Firm P.L.C. Attorneys at Law, we help protect the rights of those accused of this serious crime.

What Constitutes Domestic Assault?

In Iowa, domestic violence can occur between individuals who are either married, divorced, live together, have children together or are otherwise in a relationship. It involves the following acts:

  • Physical contact meant to cause bodily harm
  • Unwanted sexual activity
  • Verbal abuse
  • Threats to inflict harm (can include threats with a weapon)

No-Contact Orders For Domestic Assault Arrests

If arrested for a domestic assault accusation, expect to be served with a no-contact order (NCO). This NCO will often include additional provisions, including:

  • Order to surrender your firearms
  • Zero contact with the alleged victim (including both in person as well as email, text messages, social media, etc.)
  • Prevention from visiting your children without supervision
  • No consumption of alcohol or drugs

Violation of any of these clauses can result in additional charges and possibly greater punishment.

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