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What will the judge ask me at an Iowa child custody hearing?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Family Law |

A child custody hearing is your chance to present your case to the judge; to tell them why you want custody of your child.

Knowing the type of questions the judge could ask you lets you prepare your answers. If you can give clear, well thought out answers, you will stand a better chance of getting the custody agreement you want. These are some of the things the judge could ask you:

What custody arrangements do you want and why?

Remember, this is not about what is best for you, it is about what is best for your child. So think carefully why you are asking for these specific custody arrangements, especially if you are trying to gain sole custody.

How do you get on with the other parent?

If you and the other parent do not talk to each other, it is going to make things difficult for everyone. How are you going to make arrangements if you cannot communicate?

How much do you earn and how much debt you have?

You may wonder why the judge needs to know how much you earn or how much debt you have. It is the judge’s job to build up a complete picture of the life your child will have with each parent. You need to back up your answers with proof of your finances.

Whether you can settle child custody amicably or whether you need to go to trial, a skilled family law attorney can increase your chance of success.

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