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Psychologists: Divorce isn’t the end

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Divorce |

When your spouse asked for a divorce, did it feel like the end of the world? You never wanted to see your marriage come to an end, but now you know that you can’t stop it. If that’s what your spouse wants, that’s what they can get.

Leading psychologists, however, say that this perspective is problematic and inaccurate. They warn that you should never think of divorce as the end of the world or of your life.

Yes, they admit that some of the hopes, dreams and plans you had may be ending, at least as you imagined them before. However, the key is to look at this not as the end, but as a transformation. It’s an opportunity for your life to become something else. Things may change, but they don’t end.

Maybe there are things that you wanted out of life that you had to give up when you got married. Is this the time to chase those dreams that you thought you lost a long time ago? This positive approach allows you to define your own life.

Or, maybe you just need to find someone new. If you always wanted children and grandchildren, losing your marriage doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can meet a new partner. Maybe, in twenty years, you’ll look back at this divorce as the positive change that actually freed you up to find your real soulmate.

It’s all about perspective. Stay positive and create a positive future. As you do so, make sure you know what legal rights and options you have during the divorce.

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