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Expunge Your Criminal Record | expunge

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2016 | General Information |

So, you want to expunge your criminal record?

In the past, you could only have your Iowa adult criminal charge expunged if it was for some alcohol-related convictions (of course not including OWIs), or if your case was resolved via a deferred judgment. But now, thanks to a law passed last year, you can have your criminal record expunged for any crime…sort of.

Iowa Code Section 901C.1 now allows people to apply for the expungement of dismissed or acquitted charges. If you were charged with a crime, and it was later dismissed or if you were found “not guilty”, you can finally expunge it from your record! This may not go as far as some people want, but it is still a very good thing. Think about it: in the court of public opinion, just being charged with a crime can have very negative implications.

Currently, criminal records show just about every charge that has ever been filed against a person, whether or not that charge actually led to a conviction. Although it may also show “dismissed” or “not guilty,” the person seeing that record can’t help but wonder what it was that happened. Do you want potential employers seeing that you were charged with a theft some years ago? Or your girlfriend to see that you were charged with possession of a controlled substance? Do you think they will care that the charge was dismissed without a conviction?
There are, of course, certain requirements that have to be met in order to expunge your criminal record, and the process may be too complicated to tackle alone. If you want to expunge your criminal record, or have need to speak to a criminal defense attorney for any reason, please contact the law office of Carr & Wright and ask to speak to one of our fine attorneys. We will be happy to schedule a free consultation.

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