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3 of the most common causes of divorce 

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Divorce |

Nearly half of all Americans end up getting married. Many of these couples go on to live happy lives together. However, a significant number of marriages end in divorce. 

There are numerous reasons why couples divorce and relationship troubles are often multifaceted. Outlined below are some of the most common causes of divorce

1. Lack of family support 

A lack of family support is often cited in divorce proceedings. It’s still a widespread tradition for parents to bless the marriage and welcome their child’s partner into the family. 

Without this blessing and support, the marriage is already off to a bad start. If one spouse is faced with a choice of pleasing their family or keeping their marriage together, the former frequently prevails. 

2. Financial stress 

Married couples generally share financial resources and financial responsibilities. While getting married and starting a family can be hugely exciting, it also costs money. Buying a new home, a family vehicle and paying for childcare and schooling are all expensive. 

If one spouse spends too much money or simply doesn’t earn enough, this can put tremendous strain on the marriage. Additionally, if debts have been hidden and only uncovered upon marriage, this can lead to conflict. Financial stresses are cited as the main cause of divorce in many cases. 

3. Lack of compatibility 

It takes several years to get to know someone properly. In fact, as people constantly learn and develop, it’s difficult to get to know someone fully at all. Couples tend to have only seen the best sides of each other before marriage. During the union, undesirable traits may be discovered. For example, one spouse may turn out to have a nasty temper. When married couples find out that they are no longer compatible, the only realistic option is divorce. 

If your marriage is troubled, it’s important to protect your interests. Seek legal guidance to find out what your options are in terms of divorce. 

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