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Handling Halloween with the kids when you’re newly divorced

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Family Law |

Your first Halloween post-divorce or separation is just ahead, and you’ve got a problem: Your co-parent has claimed that day (this year) as part of your custody and parenting plan.

At the time you made your agreement, you probably didn’t think it would affect you as badly as it does, but you dread the idea of missing out. There are only so many times you’ll get to see the kids experience the magic and mystery that goes along with Trick-or-Treat night.

Do you have any options? Consider these:

1. Check the local schedule.

Different neighborhoods hold Beggar’s Night according to local schedules. You may be able to simply take your kids around your own neighborhood on a different night. If so, that may solve your whole problem (and the kids definitely won’t mind going out twice).

2. See if you can share.

If you and your co-parent can put aside your differences for an evening, the kids would probably love to have you both walk them around on their special night. Plus, two sets of eyes and hands can make for a safer, less-stressful experience.

3. Do your own thing.

If your ex-spouse won’t compromise or bend and a second night out isn’t an option, consider doing something entirely different. Let the kids dress up in their costumes and:

  • Have a (kid-friendly) movie night
  • Paint pumpkins together with scary or funny faces
  • Go to a haunted house 
  • Go to a haunted corn maze
  • Participate in a neighborhood party
  • Do a backyard scavenger hunt
  • Roast pumpkin seeds together

You can even combine several of these activities, like making roasted pumpkin seeds and watching movies while in costume. 

It can be frustrating to realize that your parenting plan isn’t working out as you expected, it might be time to talk about revisions.

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