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3 ways you could violate the law with a prescription drug

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Prescription drugs can do a world of good, but they can also cause significant harm. There are strict controls in place to help ensure that prescription drugs don’t pose a substantial risk to the general public.

For example, only licensed medical professionals can recommend or dispense prescription drugs. Those trying to sell or distribute medications without a license could face criminal charges. There are also ways for the average person to get arrested for using a prescription drug that would be legal in some circumstances.

What are some of the ways that you could break the law in Iowa with a prescribed medication?

You can get behind the wheel after taking your medication

Alcohol is not the only substance that causes chemical impairment capable of affecting your driving skills. Many prescription medications ranging from pain relief medications and muscle relaxers to anti-seizure medicines and cold medications could affect how safely you drive.

Especially if the prescription drug has a label warning you not to drive or operate heavy machinery while taking it, you risk criminal charges if you get behind the wheel after taking your medicine.

You give your medication to someone else or take someone else’s

Your right to possess and use the prescription drug comes from a doctor’s recommendation. Just because you paid for it at the pharmacy or for the insurance that covered its cost does that mean you can do whatever you want with your medication.

If you hand your medication out to other people or sell it, you could face criminal charges if you get caught. The same is true of possessing medication that belongs to someone else.

You treat your medication like a recreational drug

Your right to use a prescription drug depends on your compliance with medical recommendations. When you do things completely contrary to what your doctor recommended, you could face consequences if you get caught.

Combining the drug with another medication or with alcohol, consuming it and excessive amounts or otherwise intentionally abusing a prescription drug could lead to charges if you get caught engaging in this dangerous behavior.

Realizing that even legal medications can lead to drug charges could help you avoid a serious mistake.

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