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4 compelling reasons older Iowa residents are getting a divorce

| Oct 14, 2021 | Divorce |

Gray divorce (involving those 50 or older) has increased significantly in all American states, including Iowa. At one time, couples looked forward to spending their golden years together, but now they often encounter obstacles barring them from maintaining a long-term marriage.

If you are one-half of an older couple in Des Moines, learning why gray divorce rates are increasing might save your marriage. At the least, it can guide you towards making your late-life divorce fair for you and your spouse.

Why are more older couples divorcing?

One reason for the increase in gray divorce centers on the empty-nest syndrome. Many couples discover there is little to hold a marriage together once the children move out and start their independent, adult lives. Three other reasons for late-life divorces include:

  1. Adultery: Not every spouse starts cheating when they reach their senior years. However, it appears to be a large enough problem to affect the rate of gray divorce in the U.S.
  2. Finances: Money issues can cause problems for couples of all ages. However, it is not always about the lack of finances. Often, a divorce may arise because the spouses disagree about how to spend and save their money.
  3. Communication: When couples grow older, they often experience problems communicating with each other. Examples include a growing lack of communication and speaking with one another in harmful or abusive ways.

Knowing how gray marriages fall apart can help you prevent the demise of your relationship. If a split is imminent despite your best efforts to heal your situation, it is vital to learn more about getting a divorce in our state. Increasing your knowledge can ensure you receive a settlement that will protect your future.

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