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In Iowa you can still face arrest on drug charges involving weed

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Drug Charges |

States all across the nation have relaxed their stance on marijuana as a controlled substance. Some states have made medical marijuana legal while others have gone a step farther and made recreational use legal as well. We want to make certain you understand that the state of Iowa has not yet taken these steps. This means that the authorities can still take you into custody if they catch you with marijuana.

We believe that knowledge about these matters is the best way to avoid a conviction on drug charges. When you know and understand the laws, you can make well-informed decisions about whether to use or not to use illegal substances. It is also worth noting that selling marijuana remains completely illegal. Those convicted for selling weed typically face severe penalties such as lengthy prison terms and expensive fines.

Although the recreational use of cannabis is not legal in our state, a select few members of the population can use cannabis medicinally. This usage is currently restricted to patients suffering from epilepsy that is difficult to control. Even then, patients can only ingest cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis, legally. Unfortunately, this law is so restrictive that patients who use the substance medicinally might still face drug charges.

Despite this arguably out-dated position on marijuana, Iowa legal officials are not without empathy for some habitual users of illicit substances. Many of the state’s residents can escape some of the harshest consequences of drug charges by agreeing to enter into a rehabilitation program.

Until our state decides to legalize marijuana, those facing cannabis-related drug charges will benefit from a strong criminal defense immediately after arrest. We welcome you to continue browsing our website to learn about your defense options in the aftermath of an arrest.

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