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Could a lack of support lead to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Divorce |

In many cases, one of the reasons people get married is that they want to support. This does not necessarily mean financial support. It just means they want a partner to help them through life. They want someone who will have their back when things get tough.

For those who do not get that type of relationship, is that a reason for divorce?

It can be. One man said that he went out to eat with one of his friends. The friend spent some time praising his own wife. He noted that she always supported him and helped him when he needed it. He praised her throughout the breakfast that they shared.

The other man realized at that moment that he had exactly the opposite type of relationship with his wife. He never expected her to have his back. He assumed that she would be disinterested, disdainful and even disrespectful.

They did not split up immediately, but they did a few years later. Looking back, he picked that breakfast as the exact moment when he knew his own marriage wouldn’t make it. He compared the relationship to his friend’s and knew that he just was not getting the same type of support at all.

What this story helps to show, as well, is that things can slowly spiral out of control without you even realizing it. It was not as if this was the first day that the man hadn’t felt supported by his spouse. He’d felt that way for a long time, but he just hadn’t realized it.

If this happens to you and it does lead to a divorce from your husband or wife, make sure you know what steps to take and how to protect your rights.

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