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The importance of self-care in a divorce

Going through a divorce is likely to be one of the worst experiences of your life, and if you are not careful, you could soon end up depleted. That’s not going to help you make all those important decisions you need to make right now. Practicing a little self-care...

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3 options for your home in a divorce 

When you divorce, you’re probably not going to want to continue to live under the same roof as each other. So you will need to decide what happens to your house. If it’s rented, you can both just move out. If one person entered the marriage already owning the...

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Can you refuse a sobriety test?

The police have to have reasonable suspicion to perform a traffic stop. If they find that a driver was swerving, driving in between lanes or violating traffic laws, then they may pull the vehicle over. During the traffic stop, the police will likely ask the driver...

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Classes of misdemeanor crimes in Iowa

Misdemeanors charges may be less serious than felony charges, but a conviction could affect your life in various ways. There is a possibility of doing time behind bars, fines and the inevitable criminal record. In Iowa, misdemeanor crimes are designated as simple,...

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Is your spouse contemplating a divorce?

Your wedding day will always be one of the highlights of your life. Sadly, the excitement and joy of that day seem like a distant memory. You and your partner have not been getting along and you think they might be contemplating a divorce. It’s important to recognize...

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